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Partnership with Vive les Echecs !

hellochess is proud to announce its partnership with the “Vive les Echecs ! “

chess tournaments - hellochessA clear, fun and accessible learning method for everyone, from the very young to curious adults. Club players up to 1,600 elo can still get their money’s worth, and club instructors have the equivalent of 3 years’ lessons here! The lessons are precisely structured. Pêle-mêle: the value of pieces, the prise en passant, the Queen-Knight move, Reti’s mate, crazy pieces, miracles… And above all: over 20,000 copies sold!
chess tournaments - hellochessSix years of work to be able to present this book… Everything starts with the complete list of openings organized according to the ECO code. But who discovered all these ingenious beginnings? Who were these explorers of the chessboard, and how did they test and validate their theoretical findings in major international tournaments? Answers, unpublished documents and anecdotes punctuate this 304-page book. There’s a lot on these pages that you won’t find anywhere else…
400 photos!
chess tournaments - hellochessHere are 64 stories. They are true, sometimes even rigorously true. Taken together, they form a 65th, which is the story of the path we take and the people we meet along the way. Through the eyes of an ordinary kid who had a way with ideas, through the observation of a teenager whose future was uncertain, or through the reflections of an adult who had escaped by chance, clinging to the branches of sport and chess. It’s just a matter of trying to understand what’s going on around us so we can better exist and see others. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, and everyone can do it with their own stories. This book is the proof. There’s a bit of everything in there, just like on a chess board, just like in life. But above all, there are many joys and little pleasures to be picked up here and there along the way, if you’re attentive. Like Easter morning, you’ll discover eggs hidden in the vegetation of these stories. Take a good look through this book. And once you’ve closed it, it’s up to you.
chess tournaments - hellochess
Do you know the moves that kill in chess?
You know, the ones that destroy all hope of victory… or even of continuing the game! Well, here’s a whole range of them, for you to try and discover, on large, beautiful color diagrams, with historical notes and magnificent drawings by Olivier Fagnère. You’ll also find an index of themes and openings to facilitate your training. Play and win, inspired by some truly magnificent games!
chess tournaments - hellochessWith these 100 stories and anecdotes about the Masters of the pastbegins a fascinating series of 3 volumes, each 240 pages long, in which you’ll discover just how uncertain the fates of yesteryear were… You’ll enjoy reliving the outrageous exploits, unexpected catastrophes and mischievous pranks that considerably enhanced the reputations of some of chess’s greatest figures. In this 1st volume, which is as well-presented as its predecessors, you can also discover the famous “ruckus and subterfuge” parts, often magnificent, but also… find over 100 sumptuous unpublished drawings by Olivier Fagnère. What a menu! What a treat!
chess tournaments - hellochess

We won’t go into all the benefits of chess for human beings here. Its benefits are known and felt by so many enthusiasts! Unfortunately, many hobbyists find it difficult to find tools that are clear enough to suit their needs and satisfy their curiosity. Some of these remarkable works remain too technical, too abstract, too complicated… They can’t make them their own, and miss out on the wonders they’re looking for. So here’s this book, 32 champions in action. It includes photos, some of them quite rare, for the immediate, unrestrained pleasure of getting close to the human story of 32 great champions. And then there are 96 admirable and instructive parts, explained in words, mostly words. There’s something for everyone. And, I hope, make the most of it.
chess tournaments - hellochessAfter the great success of the first book, here is part2 of the truculent anecdotes experienced and sometimes even considerably provoked by chess players. But not just any players! Most of these tales are the stuff of tall tales and tall tales to fall head over heels for, and have come down to us because those who wrote them were not the first to do so, and because it was a great pleasure to talk about them. There was a time when we loved talking to each other and telling each other lots of things to have a good time. This was also the way it was done in chess clubs, where old-timers revived the exploits and disappointments of a particular comrade, opponent or famous player. Could this time come again? That would be wonderful. It was so good to tell stories. May this book contribute to that!
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